REI’s #OptOutside 2016

Like last year, REI is running their campaign labeled #OptOutside on Black Friday: the goal is to get people away from the long shopping lines, and get them to spend time outside with friends and family instead.

Like last year, I will be participating. Not because I want to show off and say that I am better than everyone else, but because I want to show the world that there are better things to do on Black Friday, especially because of what Black Friday has become in recent years. Instead of fighting over that new electronic device or toy, I can spend time in the great outdoors and maybe make a few new friends. The deals will still be there the next day, but the experience of living will have dwindled away.

This year, I have chosen to go hiking on the Wittenbach Center’s in Lowell, Michigan trails for a majority of the day, hopefully the weather is nice and I can get some great photos.

Hopefully, some of you will join me and participate in #OptOutside so that one day, we may get away from the chaos that has surrounded the nation on Black Friday, completely ruining the spirit of the Thanksgiving spirit. Hopefully, many businesses will look as #OptOutside as an opportunity for improvement, and not as a way to condemn their actions.

So, this Black Friday: #OptOutside.hiking