Some Motivation for New Ultimate Frisbee Players

As I finish up finals, and continue to work on The Ultimate Ultimate Training plan, I want to provide some content for people to look at, and to help them remember to keep moving forward.

Here’s a motivational video about an ultimate player who struggled with throwing and game mechanics, it shows that the only thing standing between your ability to improve is yourself, all you have to do is take the first step.



Building the Ultimate Ultimate Plan

My posts have been slow and fairly lackluster lately. I apologize.

This will likely continue for a few weeks, but for a good reason. I have been slowly working on a project that I am going to call: The Ultimate Ultimate Training Plan, a training plan focused on ultimate athletes. Not only is it focused on ultimate athletes specifically, but I am working to make it tiered based on the level of play.

Yes, there are a lot of ultimate specific plans out there. However, many of them do not break it up by level of play. There is a big difference between a college player and a recreation player. They should not train the same way, nor should they use the same training plan. Furthermore, a lot of these plans cost money, or are only available if you pay a monthly fee. My plans will be absolutely free, and will always be free.

I hope the reasoning behind my absence is enough reason for you to keep coming back. Thank you for your support, and let me know if you have anything you would like to see in the plan.