My name is Zachary Lincoln. I am a student with a love for chemistry, the outdoors, and spending time with friends. I love thoughtful questions and new experiences, and am always eager to try something.

At a young age, my grandfather, Jim, showed me a love for hard work and the outdoors. As I aged, this love was sidelined, but in memory of him I have rekindled my love with the outdoors and have pursued an adventurous lifestyle through nature and recreational activities.

It has become a goal to travel the world, and adventure in some extreme places. As a result, I aim to learn many skills through experience so that I can easily pursue my goal.

On top of loving the outdoors, I am also an avid fan of disc sports, and golf. I enjoy writing about these things, and sharing both my experiences and knowledge to help further the sports and encourage others to participate.

It is my goal through this blog to encourage, inspire, educate, and create for individuals across the world. I hope that through this blog, you too find your passion and execute upon it.